What are the guidelines for the community chat room?

SugarHouse Online Casino Chat Guidelines

We are the only NJ online gaming site to offer a casino-wide chat room because we truly want our players to have the chance to engage in a fun environment and build a friendly community. To ensure that the chat room is always friendly, fun, and appropriate, we’ve implemented the following guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns about them, please feel free to reach out to our friendly Customer Support team.


DO: Use our chatroom to socialize and engage with your fellow players while staying respectful.

DON’T: Use discriminatory remarks of any kind. This is a sure-fire way to lose site benefits.


DO: Create a fun environment that’s fun and approachable for everybody.

DON’T: Engage in chat of an indecent or sexual nature. Even if it’s consensual, it may offend some of your other fellow chatters.


DO: Discuss your favorite hobbies, your kids, or even your favorite PlaySugarHouse.com promotions (like our Refer-a-Friend!).

DON’T: Discuss or promote any illegal activities.


DO: Discuss your progress as you work through our generous Loyalty Program and all the benefits you enjoy.

DON’T: Promote other game operators. We’re working hard to build a loyal player community here at PlaySugarHouse.com.


DO: Reach out to our NJ-based support staff with personalized, caring assistance for your issues.

DON’T: Criticize PlaySugarHouse.com. We take your feedback to heart and are always happy to help in LiveChat!


You get the picture! Any continual negative comments about our website or any players are not acceptable. Inappropriate behavior, including harassment, insults, or threats against other players or our support staff are all DON'Ts!

Keep in mind that our player support team has sole discretion here. No judge or jury. If they feel any of the guidelines of etiquette are being abused, they may temporarily restrict chat privileges (please note that this does also disable your eligibility to receive bonus bingo invitations). These restrictions can last from 1 day until lifetime, depending on severity and operator discretion.

Most of all, thank you for being our customer. We appreciate your loyalty and hope you appreciate that our goal is to create a positive, fun, and rewarding community for all of our players.

Live Chat Support E-mail support Phone: (855)752-9101