Holiday Hunt – 1st Puzzle Piece

The first piece is earned by betting a minimum of $5.00 in real money on any Virtual Sports game. (All of our Virtual Sports games are listed here or by filtering the game type to Virtual Sports betting.) This is a challenge that awards BOTH a puzzle piece and bonus money! After you’ve completed the challenge (wagering $5.00 in real money on VS games) you will receive both the first puzzle piece and $5.00 bonus money the following day.

Question: Does playing with bonus money count?
No it does not. Only real money counts toward this challenge.

Question: If I bet more than $5.00 in real money will I receive more than $5.00 in bonus money?
We are matching 100% Bonus Money back on the first $5 in real money wagered so the maximum amount of bonus money that you can receive for this challenge is $5.00.

Question: How can I see how much I have wagered on a VS game?
You can see your game history here or by clicking My Account then Statements then Game History. As long as you have wagered $5.00 on rounds wagered on the VS games above in real funds you have completed the challenge! 

The first step is to choose a game. For this example we chose the Virtual Horse Race game. When it opens you will see a screen like this:


Note: You may have to scroll down to see the names and bets available.

The second step is to choose which wager you would like to place. Once you chose, click on the option column next to the horse name that you would like to bet on. For example we chose to bet on The New Shmoo winning the race and we decided to wager $2.00. The picture below gives a more detailed view on that. The red arrow shows how to chose the wager. After you click that option the box on the right will pop up allowing you to choose the wagering amount and placing that wager. That is shown by the yellow arrow.  

Step three is watching the race! You will see both your active wagers and your recently completed bets along with bet amounts and wins on the right hand side as shown below. 

This is not an inclusive list of questions or details about the promotion. For full terms and conditions on this promotion please see the promotions page. If you have any questions or concerns please pop into live chat or email! 

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