Holiday Hunt – 6th Puzzle Piece

The sixth puzzle piece is earned by sending us feedback on your favorite promotion ideas to with the subject line “My Favorite Promotion”. This is a challenge that awards a puzzle piece and a $5.00 bonus!

Question: Can I still earn the puzzle piece and bonus if I cannot use the link?
Yes, just make sure to enter into the send to field with the subject line “My Favorite Promotion” in your email. Feedback sent directly to the support address will not be counted towards eligibility.

Question: Is the bonus or puzzle piece instant?
No, both the bonus and puzzle piece will be added to your account by the following day at 3 pm EST. 

This is not an inclusive list of questions or details about the promotion. For full terms and conditions on this promotion please see the promotions page. If you have any questions or concerns please pop into live chat or email! 

Happy Hunting!

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