Race to SH

Because speed matters in this promotion we wanted to make sure everyone could start without delay and try to anticipate some of the questions that may be asked during this promotion. We’ve put together a few of the common questions and answers below. Please review them and if you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Good Luck!

The winners will receive:
1st Place: $2,500 in Bonus Money

2nd Place: $2,000 in Bonus Money

3rd Place: $1,500 in Bonus Money

4th-10th Place: $1,000 in Bonus Money

11th-20th Place: $500 in Bonus Money

21st-30th Place: $250 in Bonus Money

31st+ Place: $100 in Bonus Money

Note: All players who finish the race are guaranteed $100.00 in bonus money!

Is there a code to opt in?
No! There is no code necessary to opt in. You are automatically entered into this promotion if you are wagering real money!

How do I participate?
You participate by wagering real money and earning iRR points. Each 20 iRR points you earn in a day will award you with a Race Scratch Card.

When are the Race Scratch Cards awarded?
They are automatic and are awarded each time you earn 20 more iRR points.

Is there a maximum amount of Race Scratch Cards you can earn per day?
Yes. The maximum you can earn per day is 10 race scratch cards.

How do I check iRR points?
Unfortunately, at this time it is a manual process. We recommend checking your current iRR points before you start to play. You can do this by clicking your icon in the top right and looking at the Earned Loyalty Points section. If you did not have a chance or have any questions in that regard please pop into Live Chat and we would be happy to look for you.

Is the Race to SugarHouse IRR point counter reset daily?
Yes. The iRR points earned between 12:00 am and 11:59 pm in a day will could towards the scratch cards earned for that day. At 12:00 am it will reset the counter to 0. For example: if you earn 180 iRR points in a day you would earn 9 scratch cards when you hit the 20-point threshold each time. If you earn 176 iRR points before midnight and then iRR 4 after midnight you would earn 8 race scratch cards on the first day and none on the second day until you once again crossed the 20-point threshold.
Note: Please keep in mind that this reset does not affect your monthly points or level. The reset only affects the tally of the points for this promotion.

What is the playthrough requirement?
As with all of our promotions these bonus funds have a 1X playthrough.

This is not an inclusive list of questions or details about the promotion. For full terms and conditions on this promotion please see the promotions page. If you have any questions or concerns please pop into live chat or email us here!

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