How does the free Bonus Bingo game work?

Each day, we will run up to 20 free bonus bingo games are players who are logged on and playing. If you are invited to the game, you will see the following message: 


Simply click 'Start' and you'll launch the free bingo game where you can win extra Bonus Money on us! It is a 75-card bingo game and can be won by either dabbing 5 consecutive squares across vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, or dabbing all 4 corner squares.

If you call bingo during gameplay when you do not have a bingo, you will receive a No Bingo / No Win message and be ineligible to continue participating, although you may view the rest of the game as an observer. If you exit the game for any reason, you will be unable to return.

Please note that you need to be at least a Level 2 player to be eligible for bingo invites. As a Level 4 player you will be guaranteed at least 2 bingo invites per week and from Level 6 and above, we will multiple your bingo winnings as follows:

  • Level 6: 2x.
  • Level 7: 3x
  • Level 8: 4x.
  • Level 9 and above: 5x.
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