New Loyalty Program - Effective as of 3/1/2018


Why did we revamp the iRush Rewards Loyalty Program?

At, we recognize the importance of listening and responding to feedback from our players. Late in 2017, we conducted a survey and received some very appreciated feedback concerning our iRush Rewards Loyalty Program! Specifically, many players expressed frustration with the monthly loyalty level reset, even after we made changes so the loyalty level achieved was carried over into the next month.

As a direct response, we’ve made the following enhancements:

#1. Your iRush Rewards Loyalty Level will no longer reset monthly.

#2. We’ve enhanced the iRush Rewards Loyalty Program by creating both Bonus Store Points and an exciting Bonus Store! (You will earn Loyalty Level points and Bonus Store points at the same rate.) The Bonus Store enables you to choose exactly when and how you are rewarded! Progressing up the Loyalty Levels will not just be limited to wheel spins as before!  Similar to how our Bonus Bank currently offers you flexibility to manage when and how you redeem your bonus money, this new bonus store gives you the freedom to choose the rewards you want and when you want them!

#3. We have raised the benefits available that you can redeem in a month! Previously, the maximum points you could earn to redeem wheel spins was 20,000 in a month. Now, with the new Bonus Store, the maximum amount of Bonus Store Points you can earn in a 30-day period is 30,000 points!

Read below to find out more!

What’s new with the new iRush Rewards Loyalty Program?

The first major change to the new iRush Rewards Loyalty Program is how you achieve and maintain your iRush Rewards Loyalty Level and corresponding benefits. Your monthly iRush Rewards Loyalty Level will no longer reset at the beginning of every month. The new iRush Rewards Loyalty Program will be a continuous program based on each players’ wagering volume on a rolling 30-day basis so your level will always reflect what you have wagered over the past 60 days.

We are also creating two points buckets:

iRR Loyalty Level Points: These are the points that determine your iRush Rewards Loyalty Status.

iRR Bonus Store Points: These are the points used to purchase rewards in the new Bonus Store.

*Each spin earns you the same amount of iRR Loyalty Level Points and iRR Bonus Store Points.

Do I keep the iRush Rewards Loyalty program benefits listed on the rewards page?

Yes! Beyond the Wheel Spin Prizes and King Cash Scratch Cards (as they are available in the new Bonus Store) all the listed benefits that correspond with your iRush Rewards Loyalty Level, such as 2 guaranteed bingo tokens per week for level 4+, exclusive VIP promotions for level 7+, luxury overnight stays for level 10+ and more, will still be available.

What are iRR Loyalty Level Points?

iRR Loyalty Level Points are the points that determine the iRush Rewards Loyalty Level you are currently. iRR Loyalty Level Points will be adjusted daily on a rolling 30-day basis to accurately track whatever you have wagered during that time period. As you play, you will earn iRR Loyalty Level Points (and iRR Bonus Store Points) when you wager real money on your favorite games. By doing so, your iRush Rewards Loyalty Level will increase.

All points you earn each day contribute to your Loyalty Level for the 60 days. Specifically, all points you earn stay 100% with you for 30 days. After that, they gradually begin to drop off for the next 30 days. Fortunately, any points that are dropped will be replaced with new points you earn each day, so your Loyalty Level will always accurately reflect your real money wagering activity! Simply put, to remain the same iRR Loyalty Level, you need to keep averaging the same number of points going forward as you did in the past. Which means, if you earn more Loyalty Level Points in a day than are being dropped off, your Loyalty Level point bucket will increase.               

What are iRR Bonus Store points?

You earn iRR Bonus Store Points at exactly the same rate as Loyalty Level points (and the same way you earn points with the previous iRush Rewards Loyalty Program). The significant difference is that these points are yours to use in our brand-new Bonus Store for an entire year! Unused points expire a year from the date they were earned.

What is the iRush Rewards Bonus Store?

The new iRush Rewards Bonus Store is where you redeem your iRR Bonus Store Points for rewards! Instead of receiving pre-determined rewards in our old loyalty program, such as the wheel spin for leveling up, you can now choose the rewards you want! Redeem your Bonus Store Points for different items, such as Wheel Spins, Scratch Cards, or Bingo Tokens!

What does “locked” mean in the Bonus Store and how do I unlock rewards?

Some of the rewards in the Bonus Store are locked based on your iRR Loyalty Level and will unlock as you reach higher loyalty levels. You will also notice that locked rewards will be more generous the higher the Loyalty Level required to unlock them.

What is the maximum of Bonus Store Points and Loyalty Level Points I can earn?

The most Bonus Store Points you can earn in a 30-day period is 30,000 points. This is 50% higher than the previous maximum of 20,000 to redeem the Level 10 Wheel Spin in a month (note: it will still require only 20,000 to reach Loyalty Level 10, but after that you can keep on earning an additional 10,000 Bonus Store Points in that 30-day window to redeem for rewards in the Bonus Store). Once you have reached 30,000 Bonus Store Points, a dedicated VIP Manager will reach out and further rewards can be issued based on activity. We reserve the right to add, remove or cap any player’s earnings or redemption of Bonus Store Points at our discretion. You will continue to earn Loyalty Level Points past the 30,000 30-day limit as this will accurately reflect your loyalty journey.


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