Dashing Through New Jersey

Because speed matters in this promotion, we wanted to anticipate some of the questions that may be asked. We’ve put together a few of the common questions and answers below. Please review them and if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Good Luck!

Is there a code to opt in?
No! There is no code necessary to opt in. You are automatically entered into this promotion if you are wagering real money!

How do I participate?
Earn miles by scratching Holiday Scratch Cards and Boost Scratch Cards! These Scratch Cards are acquired by wagering real money and earning Loyalty Level Points. For every 20 Loyalty Level Points you earn in a calendar day, you will receive a Holiday Scratch Card, up to a maximum of 10 cards per day. These Scratch Cards will award miles to travel through the promotion or instant bonus money prizes!

Once you’ve earned a Scratch Card, you can find it in the My Account drop down!

What can you win?
Every player will begin their journey in Cape May and will be traveling along the same route! The prizes are specific to the destination you reach. 


You have the ability to earn Bonus Money prizes on Holiday Scratch Cards, but the biggest prizes are when you reach the George Washington Bridge!

The Grand Prizes are as Follows:

Note: All players who reach the George Washington Bridge are guaranteed $150.00 in Bonus Money!

What is the difference between the Holiday Scratch Cards and the Booster Scratch Cards?
Holiday Scratch Cards award mileage amounts or Bonus Money prizes and the Booster Scratch Cards award a booster scratch card that applies to the next Holiday Scratch Card that is scratched! 

When are the Scratch Cards awarded?
They are automatic and are awarded each time you earn the required amount of Loyalty Level Points in a calendar day. Find earned Scratch Cards under the My Account drop down.

What is a Booster Scratch Card? 
A Booster Scratch Card will reveal a multiplier that applies to the next scratch card that is scratched on your account!

When will the prize money be awarded?
Any instant prizes earned from a Holiday Scratch Card are awarded instantly! Bonus Money prizes awarded for reaching the George Washington Bridge are awarded within 48 hours after the promotion ends.

Where can I see my map, check my progress, or see the leaderboard?
Everything you need can be found on your My Rewards page. Click My Account and then My Rewards or click here. You will be able to see your map, check your progress, and see the leaderboard there.

Note: The leaderboard will be updated every day 3PM EST.

Is there a maximum amount of Scratch Cards you can earn per day?
Yes. The maximum Holiday Scratch Cards you can earn in a day is 10.

How do I check how many Loyalty Level Points I’ve earned today?
You can also see this on the My Rewards Page. You can see how to find that feature and run the report here.

Is the Loyalty Level Point counter reset daily for this promotion?
Yes. The Loyalty Level Points earned between 12:00AM and 11:59PM in a day will count towards the Scratch Cards earned for that day. At 12:00AM, the counter will reset to 0.

For example: Earn a Holiday Scratch Card each time you hit the 20-Point threshold. If you earn 76 Loyalty Level Points before midnight, and then 4 Loyalty Level Points after midnight you would earn 3 Holiday Scratch Cards on the first day and none on the second day until you once again cross the 20-Point threshold.
Note: Please keep in mind that this reset does not impact your Loyalty Level Points or iRR Level. The reset only affects the tally of the points for this promotion.

What is the playthrough requirement?
As with all our promotions, these bonus funds have a 1X playthrough.

This is not an inclusive list of questions or details about the promotion. For full terms and conditions on this promotion, please see the promotions page. If you have any questions or concerns, please pop into live chat or email support@playsugarhouse.com! 

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