I received an error in Bingo! What happened?

We know that it can be frustrating to receive error messages especially when you have no idea what they could mean! There are a few different reasons that you could receive an error when playing Bingo.


Here are some of the error messages that you may encounter:

This game has already started, please try accepting the invitation earlier in the countdown period next time!

This just means that the timer ran out and unfortunately you will not be able to join that game. It is always best to either accept or decline a bingo invitation when you first receive it to avoid this error.

Watch out! If you accidentally click Bingo again, your game will end!

 This error means that you have claimed bingo when you did not have a bingo line and will only show up if you do so in the beginning of the game. You can continue playing bingo when you see this message, just be careful.

Something went wrong. Please try reopening the game or contact Player Support.

This message is a little harder to pin down, however, more often than not if you are not able to reload the game, this is due to a poor or unstable connection. If you contact a Player Support Agent when you receive this error we can ensure that your bingo token will stay as pending on your account.

No Bingo

This message means that either there was a number daubed on your card that was not called or all of the available bingo prizes were claimed before you hit the bingo button. We are very sorry as we know it is disappointing and we will certainly be crossing our fingers for you in the next game!


These are the main errors that you may encounter while playing bingo, if you have any other questions please feel free to contact Live Chat Support.

Live Chat Support E-mail support Phone: (855)752-9101