Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway

Holiday ready?! I know we are! is getting in the holiday spirit and would like to invite you to a Special Holiday Gift Basket Giveaway! We are spreading a little holiday cheer with a fun twist in community chat trivia! Starting Wednesday December 5th, we will be hosting a survivor style trivia game with 10 winners!

When? Wednesday, December 5th, 12th, and 19th between 6pm and 9 pm. (That’s three chances to be part of the lucky 30!)

How do I participate?

Log in at least 5 minutes before 6 pm and hop into community chat to ensure that you don’t miss the first question! Keep in mind you are only eligible for the next question if you answer the previous one correctly within your first two answers. Once the top 10 trivia masters are revealed they will be the winners of holiday gift baskets!

See how to locate community chat here.


  1. The SH Agent’s decisions will be final.
  2. You must answer the question correctly within 60 seconds of the question being asked and within your first two answers.
  3. To progress to the next question you must not have missed any questions and must have answered all of the previous questions correctly.
  4. The trivia event will continue until we only have 10 winners.
  5. Correct spelling is not required, however, answers must be legible and not a shortened version.
  6. Players can only win once per trivia event.
  7. Winners will received a mailed gift basket to the address on file.
  8. Most importantly, have Fun!
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