What is a buy out?

We offer a feature called Buy Out and it is the option to cash your bet out between placing your bet and the end of the event that you wagered on. Buying out can result in your wager being returned, an increased amount being returned, or a lesser amount being returned. The amount that you will receive if you buy out is typically based on odds and offers some insurance on your bet if you wish to utilize it. 

For Example:

If you placed a bet and then decided that you would no longer like to have that wager on the table you would click 'My Bet History' on the left hand side of the screen.

That will take you to a screen that shows your open Bet Slips. If you are eligible to Buy Out a bet you will see an orange button that says 'Buy Out' with the amount that you will receive if you choose that option. The example below is a $1.00 bet with a Buy Out option of $0.95.

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